Our Menu


THE German Street Food… Pork Sausage topped with Curry Sauce (Vegan option available)


Breaded Chicken Cutlet with French Fries and Green Salad


…..plus Mushroom Sauce with Spätzle (home made German Pasta)


German Pasta with Mushroom Sauce, served with Green Salad (Vegetarian)

Cheesy Brat

Dittmer’s Cheesy Brat on a crunchy Roll and loaded with Sauerkraut

Schnitzel Witch

Breaded Chicken Cutlet on a crispy Brioche Bun with Aioli, Pickel and Red Cabbage

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About me

My name is Uli and I am originally from a small town near Cologne in Germany. I have always missed the hearty traditional German dishes I grew up eating. Dishes offered in fancy restaurants and street food eateries alike. Did you know that the Currywurst had its 70th birthday last year and that they even have a Currywurst Museum dedicated to it in Berlin? This is by far the most popular street food dish in Germany and its variations are endless because the original Chef never released the recipe. After having worked in the relocation industry for the past 12 years, I learned that I was not alone with my cravings for German street food, so the idea of ‘Berlin Eatz’ was born! My goal is to give you a taste of the Germany I know and love through authentic recipes and the highest-quality ingredients. Guten Appetit!